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Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) Inspection Services

QCD International is a company that provides expertise and qualified services in Oil Country Tubulars Goods (OCTG) Inspection. The following services are included in our inspections.

Casing and Tubing Inspection

Our inspections meet or exceed API requirements, follow documented Standard Operating Procedures and safety protocols. We inspect all casing & tubing sizes, pup joints.

3 1-2Cipoc-Jul2012 014 433 april2013 025 Cpoc Songkhla June12 016 LKU Inspection 077 SKL PTT-August 2012 004tubing and casing inspection

Premium Connections / API Connections Inspection

We inspect all different premium Connections / API Connection

API Connection Inspection ( 2) API Connection Inspection (1) API connection Inspection (3)

Visual Body Inspection

We perform visual inspection of ID and OD of all tubings and casings for obvious external damages such as external corrosion, dented, mashed, or bent tubes. Most damages arise from handling of the tubular.

Visual Body Inspection - 1 Visual Body Inspection -2 Visual Body Inspection 3 Visual Body Inspection 4

Visual Thread Inspection

We thoroughly clean and visually inspect and evaluate both pin and box end connections for any damages, such as pitted, cut or mashed seals, galled threads, corrosion, coating integrity, etc. Any defects noted will be clearly marked on the area and identified on the inspection report.

Visual Thread Inspection on Box Visual Thread Inspection on Pin VTI Pin (2)

Full Length Drift for API & Premium Connections

API Drift and Premium Drift cut to strict specifications, is passed through the full-length bore of each length of pipe in order to check for mashed or dented areas along the pipe.  If an area has been located, the defect will be noted on the inspection report.

Full Length Drift (1) Full Length Drift (2) Full Length Drift (4) Full Length Drift (5)

Full Length Magnetic Particle Inspection

The procedure for performing the FLMPI describes the recommended methods of inspection of ferromagnetic new casing, tubing, couplings, and plain end drill pipe. 

Magnetic Particle Examination (1) Magnetic Particle Examination (2) Magnetic Particle Examination (3)

Special End Area (SEA)

The special end area inspection is designed to detect transverse and longitudinal defects on the inside and outside surfaces of the end areas including the pins, couplings, threads and upsets. This inspection is principally for critical inspection of special upsets, integral connections and ends of high-strength pipe. In addition to MPI, the exposed threads and end areas are visually scanned for conspicuous irregularities, such as damaged threads, chamfer and black-crested threads.

Residual magnetic check SEA SEA on progress Burma castrol check Transverse SEA

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging

Ultrasonic examination of upset areas for detection of transverse and three dimensional flaws on the inside and outside of the tubes.

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging (1) Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging (2)

Thread Gauging

A hardened and precision ground profile gauge is mated to all threads at a minimum of four locations around the circumference of the threads to confirm the proper thread form. Lead, taper, and thread depth measurements can also be taken

Threading Gauging  (1) Threading Gauging (2)

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